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One of the most important aspects for us on GivingWay, from day one, is fostering our Community of Organizations and volunteers bound by shared outlooks on responsible and ethical volunteering. This of course came with many immediate struggles, because creating a “warm” and “caring” community that is actually parted by thousands of miles, computer screens, and Skype calls seems like the exact opposite of what we generally consider to be communal and close. (More on this in a later post on this subject!)

We quickly learned, though, that this is of the greatest assets of our community, as it transcends far beyond those that can be reached physically, thus allowing our Community to quickly grow and expand.

Better yet, our Community can be made up of countless different members, each lending their own take, their own experiences and advice on volunteering abroad.

In this post – we’ll go over some of the very first “Community Members” we consider being a great source for responsible travel and volunteering. As nature has it, this list will continue to grow and evolve, so we will be sure to let you know as more and more are added to this list.

  1. Site –

What do we like about it – is one of the very first websites dedicated to volunteer travel and is full of resources, articles and information which are very helpful for planning and researching volunteer trips. The site has been around for quite some time, so you can be sure to find answers to your volunteering questions there.

You can check it out at

  1. Site – “Travel Mirror” blog in The Muse

What do we like about it – Natalie Jesionka has researched and reported on human rights issues around the world. She lectures on human trafficking, gender & conflict, and human rights at Rutgers University. Her take on volunteering abroad is very interesting and we find that you can learn a lot from her experience on this topic. A lot of our work on GivingWay centers around making some serious decisions about the different organizations that need volunteers and her work on human trafficking and human rights especially resonates with us.

You can check it out at –

  1. Site – Shatter the Looking Glass

What do we like about it – Shatter the Looking Glass is an ethical travel blog which is also edited and run by Natalie Jesionka. It features great articles on various social impact ventures, local travel pieces and helpful information for all involved in volunteering around the world.

You can check it out at – 

  1. Site – Volunteer South America

What do we like about it – VSA is a great resource with many links to free and low-cost volunteering opportunities throughout South America. We like the straightforward attitude on this site which lets you find out for yourself the information about a volunteer opportunity in South America.

You can check it out at

  1. Site – Lonely Peleg

What do we like about it – Lonely Peleg has been spending the last 11 years travelling the world and has been to over 115 countries. In addition to being green with envy we just love reading his blog and find his volunteering projects worthwhile and inspiring. We are sure you’ll find a great read there as well.

You can check it out at –

Check out these great sites and continue to check back with us on new additions to the list.

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