5 Ways You Can Make An Impact On #GivingTuesday

One of the most exciting features of the online community is the incredible impact it can have when trying to rally a crowd around a certain goal or idea. Instantly – hundreds of thousands of individuals can connect and engage around one common good and help to make big things happen. What kind of big things? […]

How To : Volunteer Abroad and Use Art, Photography and Social Media

Though quite an understatement, it is safe to say that one of the most incredible aspects of social media today is that it provides endless opportunities to connect with individuals that otherwise would have been beyond possibility to reach. Interestingly enough, this recent connection and conversation with Aubrey Roemer (artist/traveler with an impressive record in social […]

How To: Make a Big Difference Without Leaving Your Home

GivingWay is happy to introduce its most recent feature addition: Volunteering from Home. Why did we add this feature? The idea is based on the overall goal to form successful, meaningful and impactful volunteer/organization relationships. The kind of relationships that succeed in helping organizations complete tasks, bring forward new projects, and further expand existing ones. […]

How To: Responsible Wildlife Volunteering

Recently, social media has been active with reports regarding the abuse of animals in different shelters, parks, zoos and other recreational areas. Places that were initially perceived to be concerned with the safety and well-being of the animals, have unfortunately time and again proven otherwise. Take for example, the most recent shutting down of Thailand’s […]

How YOU Can Take Part In World Humanitarian Day

This Friday, August 19th, will mark the annual World Humanitarian Day. On this day, we recognize the “aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and mobilize people to advocate for humanitarian action”.  There are countless organizations and individuals worldwide that have committed themselves to standing at the front line, landing a helping hand where […]

Why You SHOULD Pay To Volunteer Abroad

Unlike any “regular” job, volunteering is generally a form of offering one’s skills, knowledge and time FOR FREE. Add to that the expenses typically involved in volunteering abroad (flights, insurance etc.) and you may be left wondering why many of the organizations listed on our platform are actually asking for fees from their prospective volunteers. […]

Sites We Like

One of the most important aspects for us on GivingWay, from day one, is fostering our Community of Organizations and volunteers bound by shared outlooks on responsible and ethical volunteering. This of course came with many immediate struggles, because creating a “warm” and “caring” community that is actually parted by thousands of miles, computer screens, […]

7 Ways You Can Volunteer With Animals

Choosing the right volunteer cause for you is an especially important step in getting ready for a volunteer trip. We have previously discussed this in our “10 Tips for the Responsible Volunteer” post. A good starting point, we believe, is to first think about your interests and passions. Here’s a post dedicated especially to the […]

The History of Volunteering at a Glance

It is easy to assume that ever since human interaction formed into small groups, we were socially conscious enough to care for others who belonged to our group and, in turn, help them out in times of need. When these small groups grew and evolved, communal life became routine, languages were formed, and basic codes […]