How To : Discovering The Secret To Happiness In Cusco, Peru

Cusco is the oldest, constantly inhabited city in South America, full of cobbled streets, Inca relics and breathtaking colonial churches. I mean ‘breathtaking’ literally. At 3,399m above sea level climbing up the hilly streets to catch a glimpse of the city views leaves you pretty puffed out. Despite Cusco’s rich tourist trade (2 million visitors […]

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Above are some of the construction site camps/slums we visit during the week. These camps house Cambodian and Burmese migrants who move with their whole family to work on a site. The children do not go to school in Thailand and generally tend to stay in the slums with no education. Group activity under a […]

The Night Shift and a Fruity Surprise

The night shift We have worked our first night on the street and if I am honest it was pretty exhilarating! As part of the outreach team we spend our Keys For Windows days at the slums with migrant children but on Thursday we did a double shift and headed to Walking Street at around […]

Cabbages, Condoms and Buffalo Fields

Part 2 of James’s and Juliet’s volunteer journey across the world.  We have been in Pattaya for almost 2 weeks now and feel happy – settled in but still enjoying the novelties and newness of living in another country. We are at that stage where if you come across something that surprises you, you pretend […]

Why I Decided to Take a Career Break

Why? A break is career defining, not career defeating. My alarm goes off at 0715 every day (which I know isn’t early) and from that piercing tone I start a daily routine. I get up, shower, have breakfast and then get into my car to drive to work. The drive is only 13 miles but […]