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6 Volunteer Opportunities in India

Interested in a volunteering trip to India? Here are 6 great non-profits on the GivingWay site offering life-changing volunteer opportunities!

  1. Pyunli
  2. Sadhana Forest India
  3. Tibet World
  4. Shankar Prasad
  5. Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities
  6. Mana Rishikesh

It’s easy to understand why so many travelers choose to volunteer abroad in India – India is a land of a thousand colors, flavors, and wonders.

India is home to a large variety of population groups, wildlife, and vegetation, which explains the wide range of volunteer opportunities to choose from. There are all kinds of volunteer programs to be involved in, from empowering communities, to engaging in conservation projects.

Volunteers can make a big difference, especially in the isolated communities where they can bring fresh perspectives and help develop new tools to improve the quality of life for local communities.

The GivingWay platform supports the work of many great non-profit organizations from India, who are all looking for volunteers. Here are 6 of them:

1. Pyunli

Where: Gauchar, India
Volunteer activities: Teaching kids, women empowerment

Based in Northern India, Pyunli is a non-profit organization that aims to make a positive impact in the community by ensuring that every child receives quality education, and that women gain the necessary entrepreneurial skills to improve their socio-economic status.

Pyunli was founded in 2015 with the motto “service before self”. The organization receives volunteers from all over the world to help them reach their goals and build an international network.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india teach kids children women empowerment school

People who are great with children would enjoy volunteering at Pyunli, as the main activities involve teaching kids. The subjects of interest are English, other foreign languages, music, art and craft, yoga, dance, among others.

Volunteers with an artistic sense of adventure can also do graffiti, photography and wall paintings.

This warm and friendly community will instantly make volunteers feel at home.

A special and beautiful way to experience India from a different perspective. We volunteered for 1 week and felt we had an opportunity to get to know people, culture, home, and amazing kids that will get into your heart.”
— Shir
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Read our blog post about Pyunli to learn more about this wonderful organization, who founded it, where it’s located, and additional info.

You can also join a GivingWay Group to Pyunli!
We’re constantly adding more groups, so be sure to check the GivingWay Groups page often.

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2. Sadhana Forest India

Where: Auroville, India
Volunteer activities: Conservation work, agriculture, animal care

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india conservation environment agriculture animals vegan

If you love nature, this is for you!

Sadhana Forest India is working to restore the nearly extinct Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest which is only found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. Efforts are also put into water and soil conservation to help reach this goal.

This non-profit was established in 2003 with the aim of supporting local communities through sustainable living and environmental awareness. The reforestation project in India takes place in Auroville, Southern India. Sadhana Forest later extended its vision to include projects in Haiti and in Kenya.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india conservation environment agriculture animals vegan

Volunteers are welcome throughout the year at Sadhana Forest India. Activities include planting and watering trees as well as engaging in water conservation projects.

Volunteers are also expected to be an active part of the community by helping around, whether it’s cooking vegan food, cleaning, or simply interacting with the local people and playing with kids.

Sadhana was a meaningful experience for us, and also just fun! We have great memories and hope to have an opportunity to come again and learn more about ways to live an alternative and aware life.”
— Didi
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You can also join a GivingWay Group to Sadhana Forest India!
We’re constantly adding more groups, so be sure to check the GivingWay Groups page often.

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3. Tibet World

Where: McLeod Ganj, India
Volunteer activities: Refugee support, teaching

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india tibet tibetan refugees monks teaching

Tibet World is a non-profit organization in Northern India that doubles up as a community center and is largely committed to improving the welfare of Tibetan Refugees through education and workshops.

This organization was founded by Mr Yeshi Lhundup in 2013 to help Tibetans overcome isolation caused by unemployment, language barriers, and lack of social support. At the moment, 8 staff members and around 15 volunteers are actively contributing to the daily education of 150 Tibetan students.

Tibet World needs volunteers to teach various skills, such as languages (English, French, German, Chinese), yoga, music, computer skills, photography, and more. Administrative assistants are also needed for the smooth running of the non-profit.

“I have been volunteering at Tibet World for a period of 9 months as a French teacher. […] Tibet World offers a wide range of teaching materials, so I never ran out of ideas. The students are highly motivated and dedicated, so every day was a great experience! […]

Volunteering at Tibet World was a wonderful experience, always exciting and I would highly recommend it! :)”
— Sarah
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4. Shankar Prasad

Where: Gokarna, India
Volunteer activities: Yoga, teaching, agriculture, animal care

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india yoga teaching animals agriculture meditation spiritual retreat

Shankar Prasad is a spiritual retreat center that combines yoga, meditation and community life. Located in the peaceful countryside near Gokarna, this place is perfect for volunteers who want to explore spirituality.

In addition to offering meditation and yoga classes, Shankar Prasad also carries out activities to serve the local community, such as organic farming, teaching children through play-based learning, empowering women, engaging in waste management projects, sterilizing stray animals, and more.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india yoga teaching animals agriculture meditation spiritual retreat

Volunteers at Shankar Prasad become a part of the family. They assist with chores both within the centre and in the community.

Volunteers, depending on their skills, are needed year-round to teach English to children, work on the organic farm, teach yoga, sterilize stray dogs and cats, help with waste management and women empowerment projects, etc.

“I came for a week and stayed 2 months. This ashram is a small one in a very beautiful countryside village not so far from the beach and Gokarna. A very peaceful place to find yourself with meditation, yogas, mantras and sevak in a heartfelt atmosphere, a very good place to share life with others — travelers, yogis and local people. I’ll come back soon… Love and oms.”
— Martine
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5. Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities

Where: Garhwal, India
Volunteer activities: Teaching English

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india himalaya teach english children school

Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities established a school in the Himalayan foothills to help connect the local community with foreign cultures. Their main area of focus is to teach English to children.

Because of the lack of resources in the mountains, children do not have access to quality education, which limits their career opportunities as they grow up. Himalayan Volunteering Opportunities works hard to empower the kids and give them tools to create a better future.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india himalaya teach english children school

International volunteers are welcome to participate in the English volunteer program. They can teach English to children from a new perspective. Their presence alone can inspire the kids, opening their mind and heart.

“It was my first time getting involved in a volunteer project and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was nervous about volunteer, thinking there was potential for money making schemes but this is a genuine project where you do genuine work that mainly benefits the local school but you will also see your presence has a positive impact on the local community.

You will be welcomed with open arms from the local community also, which makes your time at the project filled with love and joy.”
— Jorge
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6. Mana Rishikesh

Where: Rishikesh, India
Volunteer activities: Teaching, agriculture, healthcare

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india teach english school agriculture farm healthcare doctors dentists nurses women empowerment

Mana Rishikesh is a non-profit organization that works towards improving the welfare of the local community, especially children from underprivileged backgrounds. It achieves this goal by implementing school programs to help children access higher education.

The organization is based in Rishikesh and operates in several villages in Northern India. Its entire team is made up of volunteers who hope that their efforts will have an impact on the long term on the local and extended communities.

volunteer opportunities abroad holiday india teach english school agriculture farm healthcare doctors dentists nurses women empowerment

Most volunteers at Mana Rishikesh work at the school teaching English, math, science, IT, or any other valuable skills.

Other ways for volunteers to be involved in the community include farming and empowering women. Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and dentists are also needed.

“I had an incredible time – the students were always excited to speak to me […]. The school is small so there is lots of scope to make a difference yourself, and the people around Rishikesh are some of the friendliest I’ve met anywhere in the world.

Jitender and Elena were fantastic hosts and looked after me better than I could have imagined […]. I left India with the fondest memories and lots of friends I now need to go back and visit!
— Harry
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