Why You SHOULD Pay To Volunteer Abroad

Unlike any “regular” job, volunteering is generally a form of offering one’s skills, knowledge and time FOR FREE. Add to that the expenses typically involved in volunteering abroad (flights, insurance etc.) and you may be left wondering why many of the organizations listed on our platform are actually asking for fees from their prospective volunteers. […]

10 Travel Tips For The Adventurous Woman

Day One: Take a deep breath. Just walk outside, it’s not that hard. You’ve done it a million times. I was in Paris, on my very first day alone. Gathering my courage, I pulled open the front door. Just before I stepped outside, I caught a glimpse of myself in the hall mirror. I looked […]

A Volunteer’s Life At IPBIO, Brazil

Matthew Barber left Louisville, Kentucky, for an 8 week volunteer opportunity at IPBIO. Below are his first impressions. Enjoy! It is the Friday of my fourth week at the Betary Reserve and I am now at the halfway point of my time here. I wanted to offer some insight into my experience at the reserve for […]

Welcome To Our Monkey Kingdom in Paraguay

Written by Rebecca Smith. Deep in the heart of South America is a little known country called Paraguay. Paraguay is a country of spectacular natural habitats. Tragically, these habitats are some of the fastest disappearing in the world. The east of the country was once covered by the Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest, an incredibly bio-diverse […]