A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

Above are some of the construction site camps/slums we visit during the week. These camps house Cambodian and Burmese migrants who move with their whole family to work on a site. The children do not go to school in Thailand and generally tend to stay in the slums with no education. Group activity under a […]

Sites We Like

One of the most important aspects for us on GivingWay, from day one, is fostering our Community of Organizations and volunteers bound by shared outlooks on responsible and ethical volunteering. This of course came with many immediate struggles, because creating a “warm” and “caring” community that is actually parted by thousands of miles, computer screens, […]

The Night Shift and a Fruity Surprise

The night shift We have worked our first night on the street and if I am honest it was pretty exhilarating! As part of the outreach team we spend our Keys For Windows days at the slums with migrant children but on Thursday we did a double shift and headed to Walking Street at around […]