Cabbages, Condoms and Buffalo Fields

Part 2 of James’s and Juliet’s volunteer journey across the world.  We have been in Pattaya for almost 2 weeks now and feel happy – settled in but still enjoying the novelties and newness of living in another country. We are at that stage where if you come across something that surprises you, you pretend […]

7 Ways You Can Volunteer With Animals

Choosing the right volunteer cause for you is an especially important step in getting ready for a volunteer trip. We have previously discussed this in our “10 Tips for the Responsible Volunteer” post. A good starting point, we believe, is to first think about your interests and passions. Here’s a post dedicated especially to the […]

Why I Decided to Take a Career Break

Why? A break is career defining, not career defeating. My alarm goes off at 0715 every day (which I know isn’t early) and from that piercing tone I start a daily routine. I get up, shower, have breakfast and then get into my car to drive to work. The drive is only 13 miles but […]

The History of Volunteering at a Glance

It is easy to assume that ever since human interaction formed into small groups, we were socially conscious enough to care for others who belonged to our group and, in turn, help them out in times of need. When these small groups grew and evolved, communal life became routine, languages were formed, and basic codes […]